The power and versatility of our proprietary, integrated development platform has positioned us as leaders in the development and delivery of high-value, performance-focused, speciality ingredients for our chosen markets, as well as our partners.

Our ingredient development platform leverages a suite of non-transgenic gene editing technologies in combination with advanced fermentation expertise to develop and deliver sustainably-sourced specialty products to the food, feed, personal care, and flavor and fragrance markets.

The platform has demonstrated unique versatility with the development and production of our premium emollient, squalane, as well as highly valued nutritional products - Vitamin D2, ergosterol and Yarrowia Flour.

The key integrated components of our advanced fermentation based production process include strain development, fermentation engineering, and downstream purification. We have developed a deep understanding and expertise in each of these three critical phases, resulting in a development and production process that efficiently delivers uniquely high-performing specialty ingredients.

We have coined our approach to commercialization as “capital lite”. We focus our efforts on what we do best - developing high value ingredient solutions for our selected markets - and then leveraging the experience and expertise of our production and sales channel partners to deliver those high quality, performance-focused ingredients to our customers. This approach is pivotal in providing us with an asset-light operating model, enabling significantly smaller capital investment requirements, while offering us the flexibility and speed to navigate and participate in attractive market opportunities. >PDF INTEGRATED PLATFORM

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