We are collaborating with industry leading partners and customers worldwide, leveraging our proprietary, non-transgenic strain development platform (ASAP™) to:

  1. Engineer specific new strains in markets where natural origin and non-transgenic technology is integral to the value proposition,
  2. Develop new bio-based compounds and products, and/or
  3. Optimize strain productivity and efficiency in commercial production strains

The benefits of partnering with Nucelis include access to:

  • The leading non-transgenic specialty ingredient development platform, applicable to the efficient and cost-effective path for commercial strain optimization and/or new product development in all microorganisms, including yeast, bacteria, fungi, and algae
  • A proven and validated non-transgenic development platform for specialty ingredients in the nutrition, personal care, flavor and fragrance markets, as well as applicability in Ag biologicals, API’s, human health, and animal health, with
  • A customized project structure with agreed milestones and gated funding structure to optimize upside with risk sharing.

We are deploying a licensing business model where Nucelis and our partners/customers share in the risk/reward. Our partners fund the initial development work that will be done by Nucelis to deliver a new or optimized strain. Upon commercialization of the new strain, our partners will pay Nucelis an agreed upon royalty based on the volume of product customers produce using the new commercial strain.

In our partnership with Fermic S.A. de C.V. (“Fermic”), a Mexican company with world class fermentation and downstream manufacturing equipment and processing expertise, Nucelis provides Fermic with a higher-yielding route to ergosterol, with reduced production costs, Fermic will sell the ergosterol through their existing market channels and Nucelis will receive royalties on these sales based upon agreed upon volume thresholds.

In addition to the Fermic partnership on ergosterol and other specialty products in the food market sectors, we recently entered a new royalty-based ASAP project with a fermentation customer in China, and have a robust pipeline of customers/projects at various stages of development.

For more information on our ASAP™ program, please contact us.