Accelerated Strain Advancement Process (ASAP™)

In response to the demonstrated success of our technology platform for the production of high-valued, sustainably sourced ingredients, Nucelis offers potential partners access to our non-transgenic ingredient development platform, the Accelerated Strain Advancement Process (ASAP™).

This program is targeted toward all potential customers and collaborators who are seeking to:

  1. Develop new bio-based compounds and products
  2. Optimize strain productivity and efficiency in pre-existing fermentation processes, or
  3. Engineer specific strains in GM-sensitive markets where natural origin and non-transgenic technology is integral to the value proposition

This program has successfully delivered economic gain and competitive advantage for our partners in both specialty and commodity product fermentation.

Benefits for our partners include:

  • Mitigates risk from large internal investment in R&D, personnel, and capital expenditures
  • Efficient and cost effective path for production strain optimization and new product development
  • Ability to improve virtually any microorganism, including yeast, bacteria, plants, fungi, and algae
  • Customized project structure with agreed milestones and gated funding structure
  • Collaborative team approach working transparently with partner’s designated team.

For more information on our ASAP™ program, please contact us.