Nucelis LLC is a pioneering bio-technology company built on a platform of unique, patented technology for optimizing cell structure and function. Nucelis has licensed exclusive access to Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS™) technology in its' key product areas which enables precise changes in the DNA of virtually any living organism. RTDS takes advantage of the natural gene repair system which exists in all cells and is typically used by a cell to correct naturally occurring DNA mistakes and mutations. RTDS is much more precise compared to the randomness of traditional transgenic technology.

Through the use of natural repair mechanisms, the Nucelis RTDS system allows for predictable results without introducing foreign DNA. Most importantly, it has been certified as a non-GMO technology by the USDA.

RTDS is a uniquely powerful technology with a wide range of applications. Examples of high value applications include, but are not limited to; the optimization of microorganisms to more efficiently produce specialty chemicals, the optimization of foods crops to increase their nutritional value, and curing genetic diseases in animals and more